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The concept of health has evolved radically in the last few years. New discoveries, technologies and advances have permitted the extension of life in quality and quantity. We live longer and better. Nevertheless, not everyone has access to the same resources and with IN&CIA we want to expand those possibilities. We do not want people with health conditions who do not count with a correct diagnosis and with the possibility of receiving the corresponding treatment in therapeutic areas where we are present. We are ambitious. We know what we want and how to succeed.

Our Story

We are a group of entrepreneurs, experts in diverse areas of health, design, systems and commercialization. We have decided to add our will to create this project.

We want to redesign the concept of a company, of work and access to health. We are moved by our belief that we can accomplish things in a different way, of innovating where it is necessary, and to create new solutions where they are needed.

Víctor Hugo Verdejo

CEO & Founder


Dr. Ramiro Manuel Larrea

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder


Mariano Ricardo Sassone
Chief Commercial Officer & Founder


Marcelo Falciani

Art director & Founder



We have created and developed applications for medical use by trying to understand the needs of both the doctor and the patient.

Additionally, we offer services of consultancy for developers or people with ideas, in order to bring them forward, both in its design phase as its implementation and commercialization.


As one of the axes of the company the area of Diagnosis is vital for us.

We are representatives of Caris Life Sciences for Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador. This puts us ahead in the Molecular Genetic Profiling of Tumors, a tool that allows us to personalize the treatment in a determined number of patients with cancer.

In addition, it is a tool of rationalization of resources and of substantially improving the quality of life in patients.


We are building a solution for the second axis of IN&CIA.

We have the structure that allows us to look for licenses of products for rare and oncological diseases.

We operate within the highest ethic standards and we look to extend the access to all those who require these products.



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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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